Does Glass Help Keep the Heat in During Winter?

Does Glass Help Keep the Heat in During Winter?

With winter fast approaching, you are undoubtedly getting ready for the frigid temperatures in more ways than one. You’re probably getting that warm winter coat out of the closet, making sure your car’s heater is still working properly, cleaning and preparing the fireplace, and more. But what about preparing your home for the colder weather? Have you given any thought to what it is going to take in order to keep your house properly heated when the temperatures drop? If not, you may be wondering about glass windows and whether or not they are good for keeping heat in. Here’s a look at whether or not this idea is true!

Why Should I Worry About Keeping Heat in?

The most obvious answer here is so that you can stay warm, but looking beyond that, there is another good reason to try to contain heat as much as possible; the more heat you manage to keep in, the less you’ll have to use your heating system and the less money you will be paying on your electrical bill. So in case, you were wondering why keeping the heat in during the winter is important, now you know!

How Does Glass Hold up?

Plain glass by itself is not the best when it comes to keeping heat in, but there are definitely ways to change that. One such way is to use a glazing treatment on the glass that will stop warm air from cooling when it hits the window, meaning you’ll no longer be shivering when standing or sitting next to a window in your home. Sometimes windows need to be double-glazed in order for them to stop warm air from cooling off. Many people are also choosing to use low emissivity (Low-E) glass combined with a double dose of glazing, which is a great energy-saving solution. Low-e glass is designed to prevent heat from escaping through windows by using an invisible coating that reduces heat transfer, reflects interior heat back into the room, and also reduces the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass.

What Else Can I Do?

Aside from the aforementioned options, there are other steps you can take to make sure your glass windows are doing a better job keeping the heart in this winter. First, you should always choose a timber window frame to reduce heat transference, and then you should make sure to seal up any gaps or cracks around your windows, which will do more to prevent heat from seeping through to the outside. Changing to thicker and heavier curtains will help, as will installing a pelmet. Lastly, be sure to open your curtains during the day so that the amount of time the room is exposed to sunlight is maximized.

Now that you know a little bit more about keeping the heat in this winter and whether or not glass is going to help you do so, you’ll be much better prepared when the temperatures start to plummet!

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