Signs That It’s Time to Replace a Window

Signs That It’s Time to Replace a Window

While your house may not be able to speak directly to you, it will give you signs when something is not right and your home’s windows are particularly talkative. While windows do not last forever, a high-quality window could last for over 15 years; however, there are several factors in play in this situation. If your windows are more than two decades old they may start hinting to you that they need to be replaced. This article will provide the top five signs that it is time to replace your home windows.

The Window is Warped, Broken, or Damaged

In some cases, it may be possible to repair a window instead of replacement, but this is only if the problem is minor. If, however, the window is damaged or warped it would always be better to replace the window to ensure your windows will be operational for the next 10-15 years. Windows can be operable if they are slightly damaged but they can develop further problems if not in good shape. 

You Have a High Energy Bill

Windows allow sunshine to enter your house and this can provide an extra boost of heat during the cold months; however, damaged windows can cause energy bills to increase dramatically, sometimes up to 25%. Replacing the windows with energy-efficient options can quickly reduce your cooling and heating bills. Furthermore, if you consider selling your home in the near future, these energy-efficient windows will raise the property value.

Your Home Has Survived a Severe Storm

If you are located in an area that is susceptible to severe weather, it would be best to prepare for the possibility of damaged windows. The effect of humidity, ocean winds, and sea salt can harm your property and your windows. If you do live in an area with a lot of storms or windy areas near a large body of water, it would be best to replace old windows with fiberglass options because they can resist corrosion and remain stable in severe weather.

Your Home Needs a Makeover

Windows are considered one of the most dominant features of your home and if they appear worn your property will look out of date. Check the colour of the window and the state of the material. If it is not ‘up to code,’ then it would be worthwhile contacting a professional glass installer to replace your windows.

You Are Renovating an Older House

Perhaps you have relocated to a historic home that has vinyl replacement windows detracting from the property’s antique charm. Using the wrong type of window in this situation can easily damage the overall look of a historic home. It is crucial to install the correct type of replacement window to match the architecture.

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