Why You Should Use a Shower Door Rather Than a Curtain

Why You Should Use a Shower Door Rather Than a Curtain

When it comes to your bathroom, the bath or shower is typically the focus of the space. It’s no surprise after all bath is in the name of the space. When it comes to your bath or shower, there is one choice that needs to be made. That choice is whether you want to use a shower curtain or a shower door for your bath or shower. The choice is largely personal however, there are clear advantages to using a door over a curtain.

Shower doors compared to curtains are a solid pane of glass that is attached to rails on the side of the tub or shower. This allows the doors to slide sideways or swinging out on a hinge, allowing access to the shower or tub. Most shower doors are made of either tempered or frosted glass, allowing a view in or out of the shower and tub. Shower doors are also a great choice for tight or misshapen spaces as they do not need a rod to be strung across the entire length of the space.

One of the benefits that doors have over curtains is that doors are solid. This solid nature prevents one of the worst annoyances of curtains, that water drips down onto the floor of the bath, covering the floor with water. The solid doors do not let water drip down as the doors are on the side of the bath or tub. While in use, the solid nature of a glass door prevents leaks or water from escaping.

Past the simple fact that water no longer drips onto the floor, the glass panes of shower doors provide a timeless and modern feel to any bathroom that they are installed in. The glass lends itself well to a modern aesthetic. If you have had the shower retiled and want the ability to showcase the tiles, a glass door is a great way to showcase the tiles while keeping things clean.

Compared to shower curtains that are hives for dirt and mould, shower doors promote a clean environment. The glass of a shower door needs only minimal maintenance to keep the look of it. Using a squeegee after every use is all of the maintenance that a glass shower door needs. For anything that does build up on a glass shower door, using a simple glass cleaner or an automatic cleaner can deal with larger stains or buildup. Compared to a shower curtain that either needs to be replaced or removed and cleaned every few months, the glass shower door is much better.

The solid nature of glass doors have another pleasant effect on anyone who is taking a shower or bath within one. For anyone taking a shower or bath within one, the solid nature of glass allows for more of the heat to be trapped within the shower or bath. There is no longer a draft that invades the shower or bath while in use.

These are just a few of the many reasons that glass shower doors are better than shower curtains. The next time that you think of remodeling your bathroom, a glass shower door may just be the best option that you want.

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